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A painful but undeniable truth: the severity of juvenile crime is on the rise...

Are you going to sit back and let it wash over you, or are you going to pick up the gloves and go into battle? Gemeente Groningen chose option 2. The result? 'Win by knockout in 1st round', if you ask us!

Rotte Appel

For all organizations in the field of Prevention & Repression, it sometimes seems like trying to empty the ocean with a thimble. But that's not entirely true. Organizations are becoming more and more attuned to each other and trends are becoming increasingly visible in order to be able to intervene in time.

Everyone can contribute to this. Because this early detection is a social responsibility, where a small gesture can make a world of difference. That is the message of the campaign film 'Rotte Appel'.

Preventie met Gezag

The government will invest heavily in tackling this growing problem in the near future. During the event 'Preventie met Gezag', all authorities gathered to inform and boost each other in this new phase of the battle. Gloves up, action!

Short version

While ‘Rotte Appel’ was screened during the event itself, this short version below was mainly made for all involved organizations to use in their communication plan:


A powerful campaign cannot do without powerful photos. Here is a selection of the stills we made. Pretty impressive, if we do say so ourselves.

Companion Gemeente Groningen
Type - Short film
- Commercial
- Campaign photography
- Event photography
Objective Inform and inspire
Date March 2023

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