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The Brandwagon is a vehicle difficult to identify. Imagine it as a race car, space shuttle and submarine combined, controlled by a golden steering wheel. This wheel defines our direction, what we stand for and most importantly, why we took-off on this journey.

The Golden Wheel

Why. We believe our goal is to contribute to a more sustainable planet through the future of today’s advertising.

How. We strive to spread positivity through our campaigns by carefully selecting the brands or initiatives we want to contribute to, and inspiring other agencies to follow this route as well.

What. We produce high-end branding footage, consisting of photography and film. We see our profession as no more than a gateway to spreading valuable messages throughout the world.


The Brandwagon is being driven by us two. One excelling in communication, one in technique. We are very straight forward, immense stubborn, annoyingly perfectionistic… and also a lot of fun! Together we form a solid team, combining 10+ years experience in branding.

With our beloved clients as our travel companions, we are capable of reaching destinations you wouldn’t have thought possible. We’re very modest too, in case you hadn’t already noticed. ;)

Huib Berends
Ernstjan van Dam


Documentary NPO. Seeing this documentary gave us the final push. We believe everyone with a form of interest in how advertising affects our society should see this.

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