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A law firm and a suitcase go together like peanut butter and jelly. That's why we didn't have to think twice about the ideal concept within this recruitment campaign for TRIP Advocaten Notarissen.

Case Closed.

Werken bij TRIP

Companion TRIP Advocaten Notarissen
Content - Recruitment commercial
- Case film (3x)
- Campaign photography
Objective Recruitment
Date August 2022

Case films

How to execute a case film within the legal profession in a catchy way? Easy. Just dive in an actual suitcase, like we did in this trilogy.

CASE 1 - Government
CASE 2 - Mergers & Takeovers
CASE 3 - Energy & Sustainability

'Dat was voor mij de reden om voor TRIP te kiezen.'

'En jij? Waarom kies jij TRIP?'

Campaign photography

This is just a small selection (in low resolution) of all the photos we took during this project. A decent impression nevertheless.

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