Lot42 is the prove that a great collab often leads to new projects in the nearby future. After a successful pilot, they reached out to us again.

This time our briefing was as followed: 'Use our brand to fight for equality, inclusivity and acceptance, focussed on the LHBTIQ+ community. And by this officially launch our product, during Dutch Pride week.'

In this short film with Miss Envy Peru (Holland’s most famous drag queen) as our protagonist, we managed to recreate an epic scene from a classic (gay) film, and capture the brand’s identity at the same time. A music producer created the song, we created the music video. The clip not only received lots of recognition from the community, it also received multiple awards. Talking about pride!

Companion Lot 42
Type Music video
Objective Brand activation
Involved Rainbow Railroad | Miss Envy Peru
Date July/August 2021
Location Schoorl Dunes

Questions? Call +316 44 681 632 or send an e-mail to enter@thebrandwagon.nl.

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